Allikas: Juhised

1 Adding a new user into group supporters having / as the root folder. The file /etc/ssh/sshd_config takes care of only showing the user's home directory to the user. That file needs a restart of the service ssh after modifications in order to take them effect:

sudo useradd -d / -s /bin/bash -g supporters [user]

2 The new user must have a password so that nobody else can enter that folder:

sudo passwd [user]

3 Creating the home folder to the new user:

sudo mkdir /home/[user]

4 Creating the link to an outer folder inside the user's home folder:

sudo mkdir /home/[user]/[link]
sudo chown kalmer:kalmer /home/[user]/[link]/
sudo mount --bind /[real folder outside] /home/[user]/[link]

The last mount must be done in /etc/fstab, too in order to make it permament.